Problem Identification Without Thinking

Too tired to think? Yet you have problems to solve? Problems that are driving you to distraction, keeping you awake at night, and playing havoc with your appetite. On top of that you have anxiety, your mind is exhausting every last ounce of your energy, and you have to get proactive? Yes you do! RelaxContinue reading “Problem Identification Without Thinking”

Spiritual Mentoring

I didn’t begin my spiritual journey as many people do, by discovering that I was a psychic, medium, or healer. That all came later. Instead I asked a friend for help when I was reasonably certain that I was heading for a breakdown, and discovered that I didn’t know him at all. I worked withContinue reading “Spiritual Mentoring”

Is Anxiety the True Cost of Living?

So many people suffer from anxiety nowadays that it seems almost endemic in everyday life. About 3 years ago I read that mental illness was the fastest growing illness in the western world, outstripping all the physical illnesses. Has it become a habit? Unfortunately social epidemics, lifestyles and behaviours, spread as quickly and widely asContinue reading “Is Anxiety the True Cost of Living?”

Distance Doesn’t Count

39 years later I’m coming out of what I later realised was an abusive marriage, having been told by an expert that my ex was a psychopath who wouldn’t rest until he destroyed my life, my family, and all my friendships. Something both of my closest friends also said, and they were all correct. AsContinue reading “Distance Doesn’t Count”

The One

Most, but not all, humans dedicate a great deal of their life to meeting ‘the one’. Some are lucky that happens early in life, others have to wait a bit or a lot longer, and maybe appreciate it more because of that. If you’re a person who’s still waiting and wondering when this seemingly mythicalContinue reading “The One”