The Drawbacks of Goodness and Gratitude

As you may already know, I walk a spiritual path, or try to. I long ago became realistic about being spirit in the human world, and don’t try for the flowing robes and carefree hair, barefoot in the grass, type approach. I’m not cynical, it just doesn’t work for me. There’s too much damned realityContinue reading “The Drawbacks of Goodness and Gratitude”

Simply Colour

I was talking about my work on social media this morning and mentioned how I had lost my enthusiasm for what I do, due to finding it very difficult to describe the way I work with people. As with all things, the moment you put a problem into words a solution jumps out and smacksContinue reading “Simply Colour”

All About You

I find it fascinating how often humans think that what goes on around them has nothing to do with them. What they feel is the fault of someone else. That if they don’t like someone that person is to blame. Whereas our entire lives are a result of what’s inside us. Obviously we can blameContinue reading “All About You”


For a long time I shared a lot of my thinking on Facebook, then one day I found myself severely restricted for a post on world peace and respect. I could see the single line their system would have picked on, but I could not make them see that the line drew a comparison betweenContinue reading “Thinking”


I’d learned a lot about spiritual thinking for years before my divorce from my first husband, but reflecting on this question I realised that this decision represented far more than I thought it did. Not just the break-up of a marriage, that resulted in the break-up of an entire family, but the moment I choseContinue reading “D.I.V.O.R.C.E.”

Soul Mates

When we talk about a soul mate relationship it’s often associated with romance, the love of your life, but in truth there is more than one kind of soul mate. This bunny is BellaKim Bunny. She was made by my oldest friend. We met at school on 1st June 1970 and we’ve been friends everContinue reading “Soul Mates”