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“You’ve had the hardest life emotionally of anyone I’ve ever met
and you didn’t deserve a moment of it.”

That statement came from a lady who knew me from the age of 9, and was close to my family for many years. She only felt able to tell me that after both my parents had passed. Was I glad to hear it? Did it help? In all honesty no. In some ways it was easier to think that there was something wrong with me, than to realise I’d had so many years of hurtful treatment that I didn’t deserve.

Fortunately I’d changed myself and my life by that time, so the emotional disruption was nowhere near as bad as it could have been. I guess the first message is, don’t automatically think you’re to blame. Adults can be driven by the past in ways they never think to question.

Thank goodness I found a mentor who taught me to question, and spirit guides who taught me a different way of being. For me the most important aspect that I bring to my work, is a true understanding of what it feels like to feel beaten, coupled with the absolute truth that you can change it if you just have someone positive on your side, with helpful knowledge and a strong back catalogue of techniques!

My Work

My work has gone through several iterations:

  • Psychic medium
  • Spiritual coach and mentor
  • Law of attraction practitioner
  • Author/columnist/poet

In truth I still am all those things, and they fit together, with a lot of other training I’ve done for fun, to allow me to find unique solutions for unique individuals.

I also run on-line spiritual mentoring groups on a Monday evening and Wednesday morning, they’re fortnightly so I have room for two more groups in a month if you’re interested. I also do
1-2-1 mentoring, and often work on line as it saves all the travelling.

I still offer mediumship and psychic readings. They usually take about 60 minutes.

Permanent help at home!

You can pick this up on Amazon, or contact me for a signed copy, which will include a message from spirit.

This is a handbook, as it says, because I became fed up with people telling me who I was and how I needed to change. I didn’t find that helpful as there were far too many different opinions in play, so I wrote a map book, you choose the starting point and destination and I’ll suggest the routes you can take.

No adult needs telling what to do and how to do it. Most adults who are feeling lost are that way because people have told them who they are and what to do and when.

So, that’s the ways I can help, but you’re welcome to have a free chat with me to find out who I am and whether you feel comfortable with me. That’s the most important thing.

To your happiness

Deb xx

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