Humanity Plus Authenticity

What quality do you value most in a friend? I’ve watched the Philip Schofield situation unfold with horror this week. So many accusations, no supporting evidence that he did anything more than have an adult to adult affair. Caught in the fallout from his brother’s crimes. And what happens? His so called friends run toContinue reading “Humanity Plus Authenticity”

The Emmett Technique

As I’m sitting here in the sun waiting for my husband to finish his Emmett treatment, I fold that I didn’t feel like playing solitaire on my phone. What should I do? I asked myself. Then I thought ‘why not a blog on Emmetts, after all you are supposed to be here to help.’ NothingContinue reading “The Emmett Technique”

Too Many Lonely Coffees

I’ve sat in many coffee shops nursing cups of coffee Watching people interacting in an ordinary way My loneliness is crippling but no one gives a toffee Somehow they know (how could they know?) That I was born this way Fate played an icy game when I came into this world Setting fingers of indifferenceContinue reading “Too Many Lonely Coffees”

Things I Thought I Needed

When I was young I felt like no one and nothing. I’d dreamed of going to university, flying the nest, travelling the world, and having a great career as an interpreter in foreign climes. Instead my parents took me out of school aged 16 because I had one bad year where school was boring andContinue reading “Things I Thought I Needed”

Youth is Wasted on the Young

Like most young people I never thought I would ever utter such sacrilegious words. Now I’m finally young I understand how true they are. I’m 65 years young, and next month I become a state pensioner, don’t ask me how that happened. It follows a prediction of my mother’s: one moment you’ll be 21 andContinue reading “Youth is Wasted on the Young”