Problem Identification Without Thinking

Too tired to think? Yet you have problems to solve? Problems that are driving you to distraction, keeping you awake at night, and playing havoc with your appetite. On top of that you have anxiety, your mind is exhausting every last ounce of your energy, and you have to get proactive? Yes you do! RelaxContinue reading “Problem Identification Without Thinking”

Spiritual Mentoring

I didn’t begin my spiritual journey as many people do, by discovering that I was a psychic, medium, or healer. That all came later. Instead I asked a friend for help when I was reasonably certain that I was heading for a breakdown, and discovered that I didn’t know him at all. I worked withContinue reading “Spiritual Mentoring”

Is Anxiety the True Cost of Living?

So many people suffer from anxiety nowadays that it seems almost endemic in everyday life. About 3 years ago I read that mental illness was the fastest growing illness in the western world, outstripping all the physical illnesses. Has it become a habit? Unfortunately social epidemics, lifestyles and behaviours, spread as quickly and widely asContinue reading “Is Anxiety the True Cost of Living?”

The Artist

THE ARTIST The artist splashes white over black silver glistens across brown Blue is shaped Green smudges to grey Opalescence is given edges Innocent limbs are scarred by his cheek The lightest talent Stealthily Creeping up when you least expect him Silently Whirling his brush Wildly Indiscriminate With innocent and devastating intent Pure Unashamed UnsophisticatedContinue reading “The Artist”

Confidence is a Myth

How would you rate your confidence level? As a public speaker I describe myself as The Myth Buster. Through my spiritual learning I have realised that the way we think is based on centuries of opinions formed by our ancestors, and things need to change. Seriously, hugely, change. Our thoughts about ourselves and who weContinue reading “Confidence is a Myth”