A Dull, Wet, Wednesday Afternoon.

A dull wet Wednesday afternoon Not a sky in the clouds The sun a memory Or a myth Walking the streets Indifference reflected in the puddles Mud splashing onto Laundered clothes A shop throwing light across the path A warm space full of things Another world Not of the rain and clouds A sprinkle ofContinue reading “A Dull, Wet, Wednesday Afternoon.”

The Artist

THE ARTIST The artist splashes white over black silver glistens across brown Blue is shaped Green smudges to grey Opalescence is given edges Innocent limbs are scarred by his cheek The lightest talent Stealthily Creeping up when you least expect him Silently Whirling his brush Wildly Indiscriminate With innocent and devastating intent Pure Unashamed UnsophisticatedContinue reading “The Artist”