I love writing but I also help people, and I’m absolutely terrible at remembering that I need to promote that work. So I’m doing something about it in the form of this blog. Everything I do is about helping people to feel better about who they are. Transform Your Mind is about transforming your entireContinue reading “Welcome”

Is Anxiety the True Cost of Living?

So many people suffer from anxiety nowadays that it seems almost endemic in everyday life. About 3 years ago I read that mental illness was the fastest growing illness in the western world, outstripping all the physical illnesses. Has it become a habit? Unfortunately social epidemics, lifestyles and behaviours, spread as quickly and widely asContinue reading “Is Anxiety the True Cost of Living?”

Enjoying the Real World?

Are you amongst the many of us who would happily hide away for a few months with a good book, and your phone switched off? In the UK we’ve been hit by the perfect storm of Brexit, Covid, and the Ukraine war. Even if you live elsewhere you will be aware that things aren’t goodContinue reading “Enjoying the Real World?”

Into the Light

So, the move from believing that I was purely human and had only existed for 26 years in all, to realising that the idea that I was soul in a human body felt right, was the equivalent of the sun coming up on a brand new day. It illuminated everything and freed me from soContinue reading “Into the Light”

10 Tips to Deactive Your Anxiety

I’ve just changed the main header of this blog to read “Deactivate Your Anxiety”. I’ve done it because I like to find terms in my life that remind me that I need to take affirmative action. Maybe the thought of deactivating your anxiety will help you. Actually switching it off forever; but how? Distraction. DistractContinue reading “10 Tips to Deactive Your Anxiety”

A Worrying Trend from the 1980s

In the late 1980s I saw a documentary on TV that I’ve never forgotten, it was about sick societies. It described how, in America, people were able to buy over-the-counter drugs for a number of medical conditions, and although that wasn’t happening in the UK yet, it was coming. The point was that Americans wereContinue reading “A Worrying Trend from the 1980s”

Unprecedented Times

During this most unusual of years I’ve watched social media carefully, as I do. It’s the place where I get most of my inspiration, and learn about how many ways people can find to upset and stress themselves, and others. For those suffering with anxiety and depression, social media is often not a good placeContinue reading “Unprecedented Times”