Inspiring Happiness

I originally started this site to focus specifically on stress and anxiety as it’s the fastest growing illness in the western world today, and I wanted to make quick, clear, inspiration readily available. Now I’m widening out to encompass the pressures and stresses placed on us by society, by lifestyle, by education, the media, and everything else that has nothing to do with us as the people we wanted to be. Remember the dreams you had when you were young?

It’s just a different way of focussing on anxiety and depression, exploring solutions and ideas to help you take control of your mind. It’s very powerful, and responds well to retraining over-and-over again if necessary. Good decisions based on your real needs will make a world of difference.

I’ll also include my practical-spiritual journey, and how it helped me to become me. It’s involved a number of teachers and mentors, and still does, the gathering of knowledge I couldn’t have begun to imagine, and even a few miracles. Let’s start with one of my favourite sayings.

This why I’m known as Deb Dancing Star. I don’t necessarily agree that you have to have chaos inside, but if you do you can certainly use it to create the person you want to be, and the life of your dreams.

“One must have chaos in oneself

in order to give birth to a dancing star”


To your happiness

Deb xx