Totalitarian State of Mind

When you work hard to be a spiritual thinker, accepting the rights of others to exist in their own way, respecting the free will clause as set down by your God, it’s very hard to see what kind of a race humanity has become. It would be ridiculous to say that there weren’t millions, ifContinue reading “Totalitarian State of Mind”

The Myth Buster

Over the course of refining my work and what I offer to clients, I’ve come up with several ideas that define me: Practical SpiritualityDancing StarBridge over troubled waterFollow the Magic And as a public speaker – The Myth Buster What’s in a name? Everything I came up with resonated with an aspect of my work,Continue reading “The Myth Buster”

The Do Something Tour

This was an idea of mine that didn’t really resonate with the colleague I worked with at the time, even though on the occasions we delivered it at an event there were wonderful results. I really miss it. For me it was a powerful evening of inspiration because the audience got to tell you whatContinue reading “The Do Something Tour”