Is Anxiety the True Cost of Living?

So many people suffer from anxiety nowadays that it seems almost endemic in everyday life. About 3 years ago I read that mental illness was the fastest growing illness in the western world, outstripping all the physical illnesses. Has it become a habit? Unfortunately social epidemics, lifestyles and behaviours, spread as quickly and widely asContinue reading “Is Anxiety the True Cost of Living?”

Totalitarian State of Mind

When you work hard to be a spiritual thinker, accepting the rights of others to exist in their own way, respecting the free will clause as set down by your God, it’s very hard to see what kind of a race humanity has become. It would be ridiculous to say that there weren’t millions, ifContinue reading “Totalitarian State of Mind”

The Do Something Tour

This was an idea of mine that didn’t really resonate with the colleague I worked with at the time, even though on the occasions we delivered it at an event there were wonderful results. I really miss it. For me it was a powerful evening of inspiration because the audience got to tell you whatContinue reading “The Do Something Tour”

Where Was I?

Avoiding Self-Blame Yep, I’ve drifted away from blogging again! Show me a butterfly or a cat and I’ll while away the hours watching them. Which of course makes me A BAD PERSON!… Or not… I’ve walked a spiritual path since I was 26 years old. I’ve tried to be a good person, thoughtful, considerate, thereContinue reading “Where Was I?”

Mental Potential

In order to escape from anxiety you need to be ready and willing to change your mind. You may have felt ready and willing for some time, and yet nothing has happened. There are two main reasons for this, either you weren’t ready or you didn’t have the right help. When it comes to help,Continue reading “Mental Potential”

Spirit and Science

When I launch into the subject of my spiritual beliefs and past experiences, and how these beliefs saved my sanity, it’s worth noting that for me this is Practical Spirituality for Everyday Living. Simple, straightforward, realistic, and useful in the real world. Science The science part was something that came as a surprise to me,Continue reading “Spirit and Science”

Easy Does It

As I said when I started the new route through this blog, rather than focusing on the symptoms and struggles all the time, my escape began when I discovered that a friend of mine thought completely differently to me. I hadn’t know then, at age 26, that I was woefully short on knowledge, ideas, andContinue reading “Easy Does It”

Keep the Faith

Anxiety and depression can become a default setting in your own mind and that of others. The problem is that anxious, depressed people nearly always blame themselves for their feelings immediately, rather than stopping to think about what actually has happened. Take a Step Back When you feel your anxiety or depression kick in, stopContinue reading “Keep the Faith”

No Spiritual Blame

When you connect with the spirit world you discover a world of love and tolerance that doesn’t waste time with blame. They only want you to feel happy, live joyfully, achieve your dreams, and heal yourself so that these things are possible. It might sound woo-woo but it does make sense, often this world isContinue reading “No Spiritual Blame”