Behind Belief

“The way he thought about it was this: his colleagues were excellent at reading the time on the clock face, but it often seemed to surprise them to discover there were cogs behind it that made the hands turn.”Alex North: The Half Burnt House This tickled me pink when I read it, written as itContinue reading “Behind Belief”

Coronation Conniptions

So today’s the day. Love it or hate it, the UK and Commonwealth (those nations still monarchies) are getting an official King crowned in the eyes of God. Dedicating himself to a duty that only ends with the grave. That’s a BIG commitment. Division rules This blog isn’t about royal worship, royal loathing, or evenContinue reading “Coronation Conniptions”


This post follows on from the one on Determinism last week. I found myself mulling over the idea at the weekend and the oddest thought came to me. Even before I married my ex the only eventual choice would be to divorce him. There were no other options. This got me thinking about gut instinct,Continue reading “Pre-Determined?”

For a Daughter’s mum and for Herself

She was meThat’s how it wasI am herAnd that’s how it isMother and daughterDaughter and motherFriends first and foremostNever to be separatedWhen she left I leftBut I stayedAnd I know that she would want meTo be happy in this life“No matter” she would say“No matter what”She too lost peopleBut she never lost herselfAs I willContinue reading “For a Daughter’s mum and for Herself”