Simply Colour

I was talking about my work on social media this morning and mentioned how I had lost my enthusiasm for what I do, due to finding it very difficult to describe the way I work with people. As with all things, the moment you put a problem into words a solution jumps out and smacksContinue reading “Simply Colour”

All the Dreams We Cannot Have

You dreamed and you forgot Or someone told you You couldn’t have it So you didn’t You came to this world Innocent and full of hope Which you lost Because someone else Had already lost their hope People talk life down This and that and all the other can’t happen It’s not possible Only theContinue reading “All the Dreams We Cannot Have”

All the Love We Cannot Be

All the love I’ve ever had Has turned bad From the cradle until one single moment Until that moment Rather than a flame to attract I wasn’t even a spark of light Not even a candle extinguished by the wind Where was my right to love and be loved? I dreamed and I hoped IContinue reading “All the Love We Cannot Be”

S*d’s Law!

This is a long-story-short/warning post. You know how you’re never going to get caught by scammers? Too wise for that, etc.? On Thursday of last week (early May 23) I did get caught in a perfect storm. A group of scammers have been targeting our area with calls saying they can reduce your mobile phoneContinue reading “S*d’s Law!”