The One

Most, but not all, humans dedicate a great deal of their life to meeting ‘the one’. Some are lucky that happens early in life, others have to wait a bit or a lot longer, and maybe appreciate it more because of that. If you’re a person who’s still waiting and wondering when this seemingly mythicalContinue reading “The One”

Totalitarian State of Mind

When you work hard to be a spiritual thinker, accepting the rights of others to exist in their own way, respecting the free will clause as set down by your God, it’s very hard to see what kind of a race humanity has become. It would be ridiculous to say that there weren’t millions, ifContinue reading “Totalitarian State of Mind”

A Poem What I Wrote

Just a quick blog tonight to start off my Miracles section. I wanted to add this section to get people thinking back through their life, looking for those beautiful memories that get lost amongst the normality of the mundanity of a pre-prescribed life. My life has been peppered with so many amazing things, and IContinue reading “A Poem What I Wrote”

An Unexpected Life

If there was a biography about you, what would the title be? This is me at a public speaking event, doing my keynote speech “The Myth Buster”. Amongst the many things I never thought I’d do, the courage to stand up and speak to an audience was right up there on the list with ‘remainContinue reading “An Unexpected Life”