Spiritual Mentoring

I didn’t begin my spiritual journey as many people do, by discovering that I was a psychic, medium, or healer. That all came later. Instead I asked a friend for help when I was reasonably certain that I was heading for a breakdown, and discovered that I didn’t know him at all. I worked withContinue reading “Spiritual Mentoring”

Confidence is a Myth

How would you rate your confidence level? As a public speaker I describe myself as The Myth Buster. Through my spiritual learning I have realised that the way we think is based on centuries of opinions formed by our ancestors, and things need to change. Seriously, hugely, change. Our thoughts about ourselves and who weContinue reading “Confidence is a Myth”

New Year – New Start?

This image neatly sums up the western new year, lots of colour, big bangs, back to boring reality. It’s nice to celebrate whenever possible, many of us don’t have as much fun as we need, but I’ve always felt that the social viewpoint to new year’s could do with amending. Is new year really aContinue reading “New Year – New Start?”

Let’s Talk Self-Promotion!

To all the creatives out there who struggle to make their work known to the outside world, I feel for you. I write blog after blog, article after article, and do I remember to post information about my book on any of them? Almost never. I think I’ve taken either shy and retiring or forgetfulContinue reading “Let’s Talk Self-Promotion!”

Enjoying the Real World?

Are you amongst the many of us who would happily hide away for a few months with a good book, and your phone switched off? In the UK we’ve been hit by the perfect storm of Brexit, Covid, and the Ukraine war. Even if you live elsewhere you will be aware that things aren’t goodContinue reading “Enjoying the Real World?”