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  • My Child

    My Child said to me one day… “Daddy there is someone at school who is different?” I said “There is no one at your school who is different.” “But daddy there is, their skin is different to mine.” “It may look different, but it still does the same job, it holds their bodies together andContinue reading “My Child”

  • I’ve Never Felt so Useful!

    A bit about how I travelled from ‘what on earth?’ to practical spiritual teaching, via a few miracles and any number of surprises!

  • Mouse Image

    This is one of my favourite poems. I love the fact that you’re sitting there one day and the words are just floating in your mind, making you smile as you write them down. It also neatly describes the day I stopped being scared of the people around me.

  • Newsletter – January 23

    Having perfected the format (until I change it of course) I’ve decided to put my newsletter up on this blog so that more people get the opportunity to see it. Until now it’s been languishing on a fairly well-hidden Facebook page, doing very little good. As I write to try and do some good, thisContinue reading “Newsletter – January 23”

  • New Year – New Start?

    This image neatly sums up the western new year, lots of colour, big bangs, back to boring reality. It’s nice to celebrate whenever possible, many of us don’t have as much fun as we need, but I’ve always felt that the social viewpoint to new year’s could do with amending. Is new year really aContinue reading “New Year – New Start?”

  • Let’s Talk Self-Promotion!

    To all the creatives out there who struggle to make their work known to the outside world, I feel for you. I write blog after blog, article after article, and do I remember to post information about my book on any of them? Almost never. I think I’ve taken either shy and retiring or forgetfulContinue reading “Let’s Talk Self-Promotion!”

  • An Ocean of Serenity

    Have you ever had the experience of getting gradually more fed up, and then eventually overreacting at the wrong time, with the wrong person? As a pretty placid person this is something I really need to watch, and as you may imagine, when I have let the wrong person have all the angst and furyContinue reading “An Ocean of Serenity”

  • Future Mindset

    It’s no secret that your mind controls your life, and quantum physicists have proved that the mind programmes the body into proscribed reactions, such as anxiety, that then need to be trained back out. But what about positive thinking? How many of us try so hard and yet find our minds rebelling despite our bestContinue reading “Future Mindset”

  • Enjoying the Real World?

    Are you amongst the many of us who would happily hide away for a few months with a good book, and your phone switched off? In the UK we’ve been hit by the perfect storm of Brexit, Covid, and the Ukraine war. Even if you live elsewhere you will be aware that things aren’t goodContinue reading “Enjoying the Real World?”

  • Where Was I?

    Avoiding Self-Blame Yep, I’ve drifted away from blogging again! Show me a butterfly or a cat and I’ll while away the hours watching them. Which of course makes me A BAD PERSON!… Or not… I’ve walked a spiritual path since I was 26 years old. I’ve tried to be a good person, thoughtful, considerate, thereContinue reading “Where Was I?”

  • Folks Eh!

    It may surprise you to know that even the people who genuinely love you may not be that helpful in your recovery. Partly because if you’ve been this way for a long time they won’t be able to see you any other way. You may have tried to recover before and slipped back, so inContinue reading “Folks Eh!”

  • Mental Potential

    In order to escape from anxiety you need to be ready and willing to change your mind. You may have felt ready and willing for some time, and yet nothing has happened. There are two main reasons for this, either you weren’t ready or you didn’t have the right help. When it comes to help,Continue reading “Mental Potential”

  • Spirit and Science

    When I launch into the subject of my spiritual beliefs and past experiences, and how these beliefs saved my sanity, it’s worth noting that for me this is Practical Spirituality for Everyday Living. Simple, straightforward, realistic, and useful in the real world. Science The science part was something that came as a surprise to me,Continue reading “Spirit and Science”

  • Easy Does It

    As I said when I started the new route through this blog, rather than focusing on the symptoms and struggles all the time, my escape began when I discovered that a friend of mine thought completely differently to me. I hadn’t know then, at age 26, that I was woefully short on knowledge, ideas, andContinue reading “Easy Does It”

  • Keep the Faith

    Anxiety and depression can become a default setting in your own mind and that of others. The problem is that anxious, depressed people nearly always blame themselves for their feelings immediately, rather than stopping to think about what actually has happened. Take a Step Back When you feel your anxiety or depression kick in, stopContinue reading “Keep the Faith”

  • No Spiritual Blame

    When you connect with the spirit world you discover a world of love and tolerance that doesn’t waste time with blame. They only want you to feel happy, live joyfully, achieve your dreams, and heal yourself so that these things are possible. It might sound woo-woo but it does make sense, often this world isContinue reading “No Spiritual Blame”

  • Into the Light

    So, the move from believing that I was purely human and had only existed for 26 years in all, to realising that the idea that I was soul in a human body felt right, was the equivalent of the sun coming up on a brand new day. It illuminated everything and freed me from soContinue reading “Into the Light”

  • Escape Hatch

    The start of my escaping my anxiety came in a most unusual way. I’d been fighting it so hard but quite frankly fighting anxiety doesn’t work, all it does is lock you in a battle with yourself. One part of you feeling lousy, the other part not wanting to feel lousy, one feeling weak andContinue reading “Escape Hatch”

  • Ancestry


    A few thoughts on the ancestral line’s input into anxiety and depression.

  • Moving On

    One of the worst things about stress, anxiety, and depression is that you can become stuck in the trap of a self-fulfilling prophecy. I am anxious, I am depressed, I am a nervous wreck, all become what you are. The I Am. Of course you need to take control of your mind somehow in orderContinue reading “Moving On”

  • Mental Health Week (UK)

    As I’ve mentioned before, one of my concerns around the current mental health initiative is that the words are now synonymous with poor mental health. But what is a positive term? How do you feel about the idea of ‘total mental wellbeing’? I ask because the terms we choose to think in are the termsContinue reading “Mental Health Week (UK)”

  • 10 Tips to Deactive Your Anxiety

    I’ve just changed the main header of this blog to read “Deactivate Your Anxiety”. I’ve done it because I like to find terms in my life that remind me that I need to take affirmative action. Maybe the thought of deactivating your anxiety will help you. Actually switching it off forever; but how? Distraction. DistractContinue reading “10 Tips to Deactive Your Anxiety”

  • Being Anxious

    As if it’s something you choose?! When I suffered from acute anxiety I was often treated as if it was a choice, a switch I could just turn off and everything would be okay. I’d be less of a pain in the butt. It surprised me that those around me didn’t realise that if thereContinue reading “Being Anxious”

  • The Lost Generation?

    This blog is aimed at young people who may be struggling with the interruption to their lives that the Pandemic has caused. I hope there is something useful here.

  • Everyday Life During a Pandemic

    Coping with everyday anxiety can be harder when you have someone telling you how hard it all is, and we have more people doing that during this pandemic than ever before. To me you’re a hero.

  • A Worrying Trend from the 1980s

    In the late 1980s I saw a documentary on TV that I’ve never forgotten, it was about sick societies. It described how, in America, people were able to buy over-the-counter drugs for a number of medical conditions, and although that wasn’t happening in the UK yet, it was coming. The point was that Americans wereContinue reading “A Worrying Trend from the 1980s”

  • Something to Cut Down On

    Unless you’re wise enough to have added only close friends and family that you trust on social media, and to only engage with positive conversations, it’s likely that social media is seriously adding to your stress and anxiety. Many people say how bad they feel on there, yet continue to engage, without realising that theContinue reading “Something to Cut Down On”

  • Stop Torturing Your Mind

    Anxiety isn’t nice and it can make you feel slip into self blame and self loathing at times. Asking yourself over and over again why your mind has to do this, what’s wrong with you, why are you like this and other people aren’t? It’s something you need to stop doing. I’ve already covered inContinue reading “Stop Torturing Your Mind”

  • Festive Stress

    Anxiety isn’t helped by the festive season, you may have to see too many people, go to places or events you’d rather avoid, or simply don’t have the energy to cope with all the extra work that comes with relaxing and enjoying a huge meal and time with your loved ones and friends. What toContinue reading “Festive Stress”

  • Living Under a Door

    In the middle ages one of the ways in which a woman was tested for being a witch was to take a wooden door, lay it on top of her and put rocks on it. If she lived she was a witch, if she died she was innocent. The ultimate lose/lose situation. I used toContinue reading “Living Under a Door”

  • Loss of Momentum

    If you’ve been reading this blog you’ll probably have realised by now that there’s been about a 3 month silence after the initial rush of enthusiam. I’ve found throughout my life that I’m given to wild splashes of activity followed by completely forgetting that I was doing this thing in the first place. Case inContinue reading “Loss of Momentum”

  • Unprecedented Times

    During this most unusual of years I’ve watched social media carefully, as I do. It’s the place where I get most of my inspiration, and learn about how many ways people can find to upset and stress themselves, and others. For those suffering with anxiety and depression, social media is often not a good placeContinue reading “Unprecedented Times”

  • Judged and Found Wanting?

    We’ve all had the feeling of being judged and found to be less than someone else thinks we should be, but have you ever stopped to consider the kind of person who would be judgemental, especially towards something with mental health issues? Sometimes it’s easy to think you’re less than them because they’re saying so,Continue reading “Judged and Found Wanting?”

  • Writing a Crazy Book

    Just a quick aside. I have an alter-ego called Mildred Scrunge, where the idea came from I don’t know, but I am a creative writer. Mildred is a law unto herself, refuses to conform with anything or anyone, and lives life by her own terms. What I find therapeutic about her is that she forcesContinue reading “Writing a Crazy Book”

  • Let’s Talk About Marby and Geris

    These little scraps saved my sanity By 1984 I was in such a bad place that I decided that the only thing I could do was find something more important in my life than myself and what I was going through. I was fighting so hard to stay sane that my entire mind was takenContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Marby and Geris”

  • Attitude IS Everything

    Attitude is everything is one of those clichés which is in fact a simple statement of fact. Everything you think about creates the attitude with which you approach and live your life. At the moment we’re in a particularly turbulent time, perhaps the most unsettled time in my entire life – of over 63 years.Continue reading “Attitude IS Everything”

  • It IS a Difficult Time!

    This might seem like an aside from the subject of anxiety, but it’s not. When you have anxiety, and even when you don’t, you can start blaming yourself for not coping with life in general and unexpected developments in particular. These thoughts, feelings, and corresponding emotions are completely understandable, and an equally complete waste ofContinue reading “It IS a Difficult Time!”

  • 7 Billion People and…

    …not one of them is perfect! The God Complex When I was first told I had this I felt really insulted, I do believe in God and to be told that I had a God complex was horrifying. However, my counsellor explained to me that it was a way of describing someone who tried toContinue reading “7 Billion People and…”

  • It’s Your Life

    So, your anxiety isn’t clinical, that means that there’s something wrong with your life, which is good news because anything external can be changed, from the inside out! Change your mind change your life Although it’s obvious that physical factors will have to change in your life, if you don’t change the way you thinkContinue reading “It’s Your Life”

  • Story Break: My Life as 7 People

    How I became 7 I thought it worth popping a bit of my story in at this point to illustrate how messed up I became. I’ll keep it short. By the time I was 23 there was nothing right in my life. I was in a miserable marriage, living in his grandparents old house (orContinue reading “Story Break: My Life as 7 People”

  • It Isn’t Just Your Mind

    If you’ve concluded, or the doctor has told you, that your problems aren’t clinical, then they’re almost certainly not all in the mind, as some people may have made you feel. In this blog I want to encourage you not just to look at your life, that’s pretty obvious, but to look at the subtletiesContinue reading “It Isn’t Just Your Mind”

  • So, About Those Tablets

    Because I’m trying to keep this blog short and sharp so that you don’t have to focus for ages when you’re tired or stressed, I wanted to return to the idea of taking prescribed medication for anxiety. Please bear in mind that I’m talking about non-medical anxiety at this point! Tablets are good Much asContinue reading “So, About Those Tablets”

  • Don’t Be Ashamed to Need Help

    One thing that surprises me is how long people struggle before they ask for help, and some don’t. For some it’s an admission of defeat, and if you’ve felt this way remember, you’re more likely to be defeated without help than you are if you knock down every door until you find the person thatContinue reading “Don’t Be Ashamed to Need Help”

  • Visualisation to Negate the Past

    In order that this blog isn’t just a number of ideas, I wanted to throw in the odd visualisation or exercise that might help you. If you’re unfamiliar with visualisation, this is how I see it. In meditation you relax your mind, in visualisation you use and direct it. A good thought or idea, programmedContinue reading “Visualisation to Negate the Past”

  • Love Your Negativity

    You will be aware of the word negativity, you’ve been warned against it, scolded for being it, and probably told over and over again that if you were just more positive everything would magically be better. If I may be so bold – garbage! Who’s your best friend? Negativity is. When you suppress your negativityContinue reading “Love Your Negativity”

  • You Weren’t Born This Way

    There are reasons why you are the way you are now, but you’re probably so exhausted by trying to cope that you have no real idea how all this happened. The thing with stress and anxiety is that it grows on you, there is a sliding scale: stress, strain, anxiety, acute anxiety, depression, and it’sContinue reading “You Weren’t Born This Way”

  • You’re Not Weak

    If, like me, you’re anxiety isn’t a clinical issue, and you’ve been made to feel stupid, weak, a nuisance, a burden, and other equally unsupportive things, just because you’re battling your own mind, let me tell you why that thinking is wrong whether it comes from others, or originates inside. When I went to aContinue reading “You’re Not Weak”

  • Stop Listening to Others

    As I’ve hinted, and will explain when I pop my story on here, the words of others can be hurtful and damaging to someone suffering from anxiety. Either they don’t understand, or they start to struggle because they can’t help you. Either way, if you’re not feeling helped by people who don’t understand or can’tContinue reading “Stop Listening to Others”

  • A Lighthearted Blog on Anxiety?

    This saying says it all. The lighter you feel in mind and emotion, the healthier and happier you feel, the more easily you will move forward into creating a better life on your own terms. I don’t write or speak in dramatic language when I’m trying to help people solve problems, nor do I tryContinue reading “A Lighthearted Blog on Anxiety?”

  • Hi and Why!

    You are my why, and I’m yours. I’m writing this because there was a time that no one understood me, I had no support. In truth only people who’ve had anxiety really get it, really understand the replacement of the self with someone you never wanted to be. Only we know how much it hurts,Continue reading “Hi and Why!”

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