I’ve Never Felt so Useful!

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Many years ago, when I accidentally started by spiritual journey by becoming a medium in the middle of a telephone call, I could never have believed how the work I do would change, and how important it has become. I call it practical spirituality for everyday living.

In the beginning

There was mediumship. I’d heard of it, I’d read Doris Stoke’s books in the 1980’s, and enjoyed them. At the time I was so terrified of the subject of death that I wouldn’t even say the word. Me being me, I decided I wanted to fight that feeling, so when Doris’ books came out I decided to face it head on. I had no real idea what the first book was about but it looked interested. Thanks to her we landed up in agreement, dying no longer frightened me, but how was a different matter!


The mediumship came in unexpectedly because I’d never once considered that the subject had anything to do with me. It was the first miracle of my spiritual life, and I had absolutely no idea what to do about it.

This is why I know it’s real. When it switches on when you were making no effort to do such a thing, when you’d never even vaguely considered it, something more has to be going on.

Now I’m psychic???!!!

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I then discovered that there was another aspect to spiritual work. A medium is a radio aerial that can pick up the energy of those who have passed. A psychic can tune into and read human energy. They’re quite different abilities. And no I don’t go round reading strangers for fun, firstly it would be too tiring, but most importantly it would be incredibly rude. As bad as asking for someone’s purse or wallet and going through them to see where they bank.

Totally and utterly unacceptable at every possible level.

However, I found that I could look at people and know how they were feeling. Then by another fluke I was introduced to card readings, such as Tarot, and the more I mixed in the spiritual field the more ways I discovered for understanding other people at a deeper level.

It gets better-ish

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Finally, I discovered that I was also a healer. Again, quite by accident.

My husband wanted to go on a spiritual healing course, and as we were fairly newly in love at the time, I was expected to go with him and be supportive etc., even though I wasn’t allowed to sit with him (just why?!) When the course started the tutor looked around the room and said, ‘there are only two true healers in this room, they both have the purple top to their auras, that man and that lady, and if I don’t miss my mark they’ve come here together.’

I don’t work as a healer though. It didn’t feel right to me. Well, not a hands on healer, but therein lies another surprise…I’m a voice healer.

Now that may sound jolly nice, except it wasn’t. The room was mainly full of ladies, and you can imagine how amazing it was to have a young man in the room, declared to be a true healer, that they could flutter their eyelashes at. Some of the people there were very nice, but the majority weren’t impressed by the fact that he was married already, and I took the brunt of it. That was my first lesson from spirit that whilst something may be uncomfortable, it can also be the best thing that ever happened to you in the long term. That was where I began to look at spirituality in another way. Which leads us to now.

Boy do we need help!

It won’t be any surprise to anyone when I say that this work is rather a mess! In fact today I was talking to an old friend in South Africa who told me that her society was struggling in exactly the same way as we in the UK are. I know that many countries are encountering events they never expected to see in their land. For example, there was a drive-by shooting at a funeral in England recently, and no one has the foggiest idea why. It wasn’t a mob funeral, it was just the funeral of a young lady who died. That’s just one thing that regularly leaves me searching for my eyebrows in my hairline.

Spirit have responded by upping the anti when it comes to spiritual work and connecting with their realm. Which shouldn’t be a surprise as they’re only there to help us.

Meet Amos (the anti-upper)

This image is part of another one of my surprises. A friend of mine is a spirit artist, he painted this. The first guide he painted was White Cloud (Amos is my third guide).

Luke suddenly said to me one day ‘could I paint White Cloud for you?’ Dummy that I was I asked ‘yes, but how will you know what to paint?’ to which he replied ‘I can see him, he’s standing behind you’, and he pointed to the correct shoulder where White Cloud always stood.

When I received the painting, Luke’s first guide painting ever, I was genuinely amazed that Luke could see and paint what I could only see in my mind’s eye. It was White Cloud. This is Amos. Mind-boggling doesn’t begin to describe it.

Amos came in a little later, and we’ve worked together since about 2000. In that time he’s helped me in my work, but he’s also taught me so much about what it can mean to be human. He’s helped me to become a better person. He isn’t really, really spiritual and complex (although he is really really spiritual), he believes in simplicity. When I have a problem he will say:

‘Simplify it, simplify it, simplify it again. Is it as simple as you can make it?’


‘Then simplify it again’.

It works brilliantly.

We work together to help others live happier lives, yes that old chestnut, but when you consider that when asked what enlightenment was, the Buddha himself said ‘happiness’, you start to realise that it isn’t such a woo-woo and unrealistic concept. The way we work is completely different to the coaching and counselling courses I do.

For example, I had a lady come to me saying that she had so many problems she literally had no idea what to do. Before she arrived I knew that I needed coloured pencils and a drawing pad. I asked her to write ‘problems’ in the centre of the page and do a mind map of all her problems, using whatever colours she felt drawn to for each problem. Colours have energy that tells you what kind of problem it is.

When I returned with the promised cup of tea, the page was filled with words. She said ‘look at this mess’. I smiled and pointed out that as she had only used three colours she actually only had three problems, all the side issues were directly related to one of the three, and she’d drawn that out herself.

In the wonderful testimonial she gave me she said “If anyone had ever told me that I would be sitting in front of Deb Hawken in our third and final session, telling her that all my problems were solved even the serious financial one, I would never have believed them.” She was a joy to work with though, she wanted help, she took the help, and she stepped into her own power. I really admired her.

So that’s the kind of evolution my work has followed, until recently. Such is the state of the energy on this planet, Amos and other guides decided that we needed more help. They connected us to a realm of helpers I didn’t even know existed, and taught us another tranche of the most practical, effective help, any of us have ever encountered.

Modernise or stagnate

Nothing in life stands still, and you don’t as a person, unless you’re one of those people so stuck in their ways that you’ve known you’re right for decades and have no further need of knowledge, or worse still anything new ideas appearing to attempt to change your worldview – which is of course an outrage of the highest order. I’ve known people like that and it didn’t lead to a youthful old age.

Spirituality has modernised, it’s much more focused on your own soul (the atoms that power your organic self), personal empowerment, and personal growth. The best part about it is that it is all personal, loving, based in kindness, respect, and all the other good emotions. It teaches that what you feel to be right in your life is right, providing you’re following your heart not your mind. Feeling is the ultimate guide.

If you’ve ever walked into a room to get married feeling shaky and horrible, knowing that you’re making a mistake, and used your mind to ignore that feeling, you will know that this is right. My soul knew my first husband and I were a disaster waiting to happen in a match made in hell, and I put the loud voice of my heart down to pre-wedding nerves.

If you’re not sure, pre-wedding nerves are a good thing, you’re nervous that you’re going to trip over walking down the aisle, that the wedding cake will be soggy, or the weather will ruin the photographs, but you’re in zero doubt that you want to marry that person. The heart telling you you’re wrong is not a joyful feeling at all, it’s an emotional claxon whose main message is ‘run’.

So there we go, long blog, long journey, much more fun and laughter, joy and happiness, and so much that’s interesting and inspiring. I read the other day that if you feel young you are in fact young no matter how many years you have on the clock. Apparently scientists have proven this. My first thought “thank you spirit, I have no time whatsoever to be bored and uninspired!”

It’s real and good stuff people!#

To your happiness


P.S. If you want to contact me or connect with Luke, send a message.


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I'm a writer, public speaker, medium, and spiritual thinker. I suffered from acute anxiety from the age of 16 until I was well into my 50s, after fearlessly exploring many ideas, philosophies, and tools, I finally found methods that helped me return my mind to a better normal. One of the things I hated about anxiety was the way people treated me like a fool or a problem, I have two degrees and I'm a (much) retired black belt, my IQ is decent, but I constantly felt like a complete idiot, something that was exacerbated by never feeling like the real me. The girl who could laugh endlessly about the smallest things, and had a real excitement about what life had to offer her. I didn't need anyone else to tell me I wasn't 'right', I knew that better than anyone. My mission now is to support people suffering as I did with a message of support with what they're going through, tools and ideas that might help, and a strong message of hope for the future. At 63, which I am at the time of writing, many people I know are in a rut, yet having beaten anxiety I'm now doing more with my life than I ever did when I was struggling just to get up in the morning, let alone face the day. It's a wonderful feeling - so the main message is that it doesn't matter how long you've been struggling or what age you are, when you beat anxiety you will get an entirely new lease of life - and that's fantastic at any age. On a personal note I'm married to my soul mate, we have 5 cats, and I live in the middle of the UK. I follow a number of fantastic thinkers, as it's important to immerse yourself in healthy thinking as often as you can, I'm a Toastmaster and professional public speaker, and I keep life simple and encourage my clients to do the same, and my friends.

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